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There’s Nothing like a Key West Vacation

key west vacation There’s so many activities, what would you like to do? A little fishing? Sailfish, shark or tarpon are fun to catch.

Perhaps exploring the only living coral reef in the U.S. while snorkeling or scuba diving is in your plans and experience the wonders of encountering dolphins and other aquatic creatures in the wild.

Jet skis might be fun. Parasailing would really be a rush. Maybe you’d just like to slip on some shades and relax on the beach or at the resort. When you’re in Key West, everything is possible.

Why not uncover the islands rich Maritime Heritage at the Key West Shipwreck Museum. Lose yourself in time and imagine living during the golden age of sail, at which time over 100 ships a day passed by Key West daily.

Learn about the days when “Wreck Ashore” would echo everywhere on the island and the wreckers would race their boats towards the reefs to become the “Wreck Master”.

The Wreck Master became the boss and took control on the recover operation and received the largest share of the profit. Find out how the city grew to become the richest city in America!

The Mallory Square Sunset Celebration

Known the world over as being an event to enjoy a varied assortment of street performers, and observe one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world.  A visit to the Sunset Celebration on your vacation is a must-see !

Get there early to reserve a spot and witness fine entertainers…One of the featured acts is Will Soto, his juggling and high wire act is amazing, and continues to be entertaining at the Sunset Celebration for over 20 years.

The Great Rondini will leave you speechless featuring magical and escape stunts, culminating with an awesome escape from a strait jacket while being suspended upside down.

Everybody loves those cat videos on Utube?  At the Sunset Celebration there is even a Cat show …… the Cat Man is still around, with his incredible skilled house cats. His show is enjoyed by people of all ages. Catch his act, and others at the Sunset Celebration.

Hey! Where’s all the beaches ?

Upon arriving in the Florida Keys you may be amazed by the limited quantity of beaches. Reasons being, these coral islands were previously coral reefs millions of years ago when the oceans were much deeper.

With barrier islands inhibiting wave action and the coral reefs having very little sand to begin with, sandy beaches are somewhat scarce. With that being said, there are several great opportunities to get in some beach time. Make sure to bring your masks and fins along, for some fantastic inshore SNORKELING !

Glass Bottom Boat Tours

For an unforgettable experience you’ll enjoy a glass bottom boat tour over shipwrecks, stingrays, sponge gardens and patch reefs. See colorful coral, exotic tropical fish and hundreds of varieties of marine life, all without getting wet. Most tours boats are fully equipped with A/C and restrooms, on board  snack bars offering soda, beer, wine and snacks.

Take a Romantic Sunset Cruise

Sail past the sunset celebration at Mallory Square and through out the surrounding islands for the perfect way to end the day. Enjoy an unobstructed view of the legendary romantic sunset experience.

Soak in the sights, scents, sounds and romance of Key West Harbor and Sunset Key. Experience the islands premiere private party cruising and dining escape. If you delight in cruising the Keys and love sumptuous gourmet food, why not enjoy them both together on the Sunset Culinaire.

Dry Tortugas National Park

sunsetDiscover the Breathtaking Dry Tortugas National Park.  A must see for anyone visiting Key West, and its history is as colorful as its
landscape! The Dry Tortugas are a cluster of seven tiny islands 70 miles off the coast of Key West.

What’s the history behind the Fort Jefferson? In 1846 the U.S. military began constructing a massive fort to keep watch over the Florida Straits. Fort Jefferson is an absolute marvel, Today the islands are a unique tourist destination for snorkeling, spotting wildlife, exploring and relaxing. Don’t miss this natural and historical marvel.

Dry Tortugas Excursions

This all-inclusive trip is a day-long excursion into paradise. You’ll enjoy breakfast on the boat, lunch on the beach, and a full day of whatever you please. Just show up with your bathing suit and shades, and enjoy!

Sunny Days Catamaran

This high-speed boat provides a cool air conditioned cabin with comfortable indoor  seating as well as a rear outdoor deck.

Yankee Freedom Ferry

Plentiful outdoor seating on two sun decks, in addition to an air-conditioned main cabin on this new 100 ft high-speed catamaran. Complete galley, including full bar.

Sunset Watersport All-Inclusive Tour

The ultimate party boat for a full day of activities. Over 5 hours of playtime! Start the day on a sunken shallow water shipwreck with a full array of tropical fish and lobsters, which people may view at their leisure throughout the day. Have all-day access to banana boat rides, water skiing, kneeboards, wave runners, sunfish sailboat, windsurfing, kayaks, rafts and even parasailing! And you’ll get a fresh BBQ lunch with soft drinks, chips and veggie tray to keep your energy up. This full day of activities is guaranteed to wear you out!

There’s tons to see and do while on your Key West Vacation

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